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понеделник, 16 мај 2011

Real Chess Professional (iPhone/iPad) - Одличен Шах за Ајфон

За сите љубители на шахот еве една прекрасна апликација за вашиот Ајфон

Real Chess Professional
Version: 2.0
Category: Games
Seller: Farzad Rashvand
Publish Date:2011-05-12
Price: $0.99
Size: 20.4 MB

One of the strongest chess for iOS (HD and Retina display ready)
A beautiful and elegant chess

-Play against the machine or play both sides
-Adjustable engine strength (in ver. 2.0)
-Adjustable engine thinking time (in ver. 2.0)
-Choose between several styles of play (in ver. 2.0)
-Choose between three levels of book variety (in ver. 2.0)
-Manual board setup
-Move suggestion (animated on board)
-Show legal move
-Show last move
-Display move list (in ver. 2.0)
-Take back (undo, all the way back to start)
-Free choice between tap/tap and drag/drop moving (no need to set preference)
-Smooth animations everywhere
-Game and state saved between program sessions
-Notification for check, stalemate, and checkmate
-Suports saving and loading games to PGN files and transferring PGN files between your device and your computer via iTunes file sharing (in ver. 2.0)
-Clean and beautiful user interface
-Choose from two pieces sets and two boards
-And more...
-for iPhone , iPod and iPad

Real Chess Professional - Version: 2.0

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