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вторник, 26 април 2011

(DD) Synthesis & Dragan Dautovski - Discography by SaLt

(DD) Synthesis & Dragan Dautovski - discography

same title album
1996 | 320 kbps mp3 | 131 MB

Swinging Macedonia
2000 | 320 kbps mp3 | 146 MB

Live in Skopje
2002 | 320 kbps mp3 | 170 MB

Let God smite him
2004 | 320 kbps mp3 | 110 MB

2008 | 256 VBR mp3 | 72 MB

Roots and Blossoms cdep
2000 | 320 kbps mp3 | 28 MB

The Path of the Sun
2001 | 256 kbps mp3 | 92 MB


2008 | 320 kbps mp3 | 114 MB

neoethno | Macedonia
www.synthesis.com.mk & www.dragandautovski.com.mk

DD in DD Synthesis are Dragan Dautovski initials. He formed the group DD Synthesis in 1995.

DD Synthesis is a band, established in 1995, for the purpose of carrying out an in-depth pursuit of the outstanding folk music treasures of Macedonia. The name "Synthesis" was chosen to express the concept of the group. The combination of traditional sounds with contemporary arrangements creates a musical synthesis. Digging deeply into the roots of Macedonian folk heritage, with a serious concern for the basics of traditional compositions, the group has received high praise for breathing new life in this milieu.

The melancholic voyages of DD Synthesis, with the full emotional power of the heritage and the typical complexity of Macedonian rhythms, should not be missed by any Balkan music fan. Macedonia has finally uncovered a contemporary world music project! The group uses the full range of original Macedonian instruments: kaval, gaida, zurla, tapan, tarabuka (darbuka) and tambura.

The line-up consists of three young female singers, a keyboard player, two percussionists, a tambura player and, of course, kaval, gaida or zurla on the front. Special mention must made here of the fact that while the majority of the folk-songs groups in Macedonia are amateur groups, this band is made up of professional musicians who are trained in the basics of music.

DD Synthesis recorded its first CD in 1996. The CD was released at the very beginning of 1997 by SJF Records (a division of Skopje Jazz Festival). It got excellent reviews and acclaim all over Europe. The music of DD Synthesis was included on the compilation "Unblocked-the Music of Eastern Europe" on the American Ellipsis Arts label.

In 1997, the group started its touring and played various International Festivals, like "Druga godba", "Trn Festival", "Mediterranean Festival" in Slovenia, Folk Festival in Budapest, Hungary, EBU Festival in Krems, Austria. Besides numerous concerts in Macedonia, in 1998, DD Synthesis performed at "Dionysia Festival" in Rome, Italy, EBU Festival in Portoroz, Slovenia, "Tanz &FolkFest" in Rudolstad, Germany, "Akko Festival" in Israel... In May 1999, the group toured Japan.

Without exception DD Synthesis was overwhelmed with the enthusiastic responses by audiences and critics. With only one personnel change in its history, Goce Dimovski replacing Dragan Dautovski, the band prepared the second CD for SJF Records. The release date was July 1, 2000. The second CD, "Swinging Macedonia", was mostly recorded in Ljubljana (Slovenia). It is completely acoustic with the use of a symphony orchestra on a couple of pieces.

The band:
Goce Dimovski, kaval, gaida, zurla
Vane Jovchev, piano
Marjan Jovanovski, tambura
Goce Uzunski, tapan, tarabuka
Radoslav Shutevski, drums, percusion
Aneta Shulankovska, vocals
Biljana Ristovska, vocals
Mirjana Josheska, vocals

Macedonia, country with very rich cultural and historical tradition, a mixture of various nations and cultures, country rich with music and folklore. Dragan Dautovski Quartet is one of the very rare ensembles that are managing to present Macedonian folklore music on a very authentically and original way. Dragan Dautovski Quartet was created in July 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia. This band's basic inspiration is Macedonian music folklore idiom. From depth of the folklore, through the various contemporary music aesthetic elements and styles our goal is to create a synthesis of the traditional i modern. The authentic ambient is captured by traditional music instruments (kaval, pipe, tambura,)

Their music is a mixture of traditional and self-penned tunes and a mixture of folk, jazz, and a touch of rock. Outside his native Macedonia, multi-instrumentalist Dragan Dautovski is best known for his score to Milco Mancevski's film "Before the Rain." With a fulsome range of traditional Macedonian instruments, the newly arranged traditional songs combine the complexity typical of Macedonian rhythm and the emotional power typical of Macedonia's rich musical heritage.

1996 - DD Synthesis

01. Goten - Готен
02. Dve devojki - Две девојки
03. Selska igra - Селска игра
04. Kletva - Клетва
05. Ajde pominuvam zaminuvam - Ајде поминувам,заминувам
06. Ljubov i smrt - Љубов и смрт
07. Chuma - Чума
08. Vreminja - Времиња

1996 - DD Synthesis

2000 — Swinging Macedonia

2000 — Swinging Macedonia

01. Mome stoe - Моме стое
02. Vo nase selo - Во наше село
03. Postupano - Поступано
04. Sto e ludo - Што е лудо
05. Pomnis li - Помниш ли
06. Me fatije - Ме фатије
07. Mori mome - Мори моме
08. Mace - Маце
09. Ezgija - Езгија
10. Imala majka - Имала мајка

2000 — Swinging Macedonia

2002 - Live in Skopje

2002 — Live in Skopje

01. Cudno Mi - Чудно ми
02. Mori Mome - Мори моме
03. Postupano - Поступано
04. Pomnis Li - Помниш ли
05. Ritmika - Ритмика
06. Me Fatije - Ме фатије
07. Mome Stoe - Моме Стое
08. Goceva - Гоцева
09. Vo Nase Selo - Во наше село
10. O Javore - О јаворе

2002 — Live in Skopje

2004 - Let God smite him

2004 — Let God smite him

01. Pomolila Boga Maca - Помолила Бога Маца
02. 9-ka - 9 - ка
03. De Bog Da Bie - Де Бог да бие
04. Star Bel Dedo - Стар бел дедо
05. Ori Anche - Ори Анче
06. KAljo - Каљо
07. Goceva 2 - Гоцева 2
08. Oj Devojche - Ој девојче

2004 - Let God smite him

2008 — Identity

2008 — Identity

01. Goceva 3 - Гоцева 3
02. Sam legnuvam - Сам легнувам
03. Blazena goro zelena - Блажена горо зелена
04. Gajdarska igra - Гајдарска игра
05. Vargida - Варгида
06. Dva vermana - Два вермана
07. Bela Petkana - Бела Петкана
08. Jana Malesevka - Јана Малешевка
09. Dumardija - Думардија
10. Malinka - Малинка

2008 — Identity

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