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недела, 12 август 2012

Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 (v12.1.2) Apk Android – Download


Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 (v12.1.2) Apk Android – Download


Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 (v12.1.2) Apk is one of the one of the best apps available on Android Phones. Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 is used for GPS Navigation turn by turn. Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 provides you 3D cities and landscape. It also provide you street name. Real time traffic, speed camera and speed limits display and audio warning. You can also edit parts of route or avoid parts of route in Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2. Download the desire map and use it offline. It is perfect app for GPS Navigation. Cars audio integration using Bluetooth or cable in A2DP protocol is also available in Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 for user comfort. Facebook and twitter integration is now also available. Find friends on the map with Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2. Stopwatch is also available for outdoor activities.Road incidents sharing and real time incident notifications are also available in Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 and much more.

Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 (v12.1.2) Features

  •  Turn by turn voice guided GPS navigation
  • 3D cities and landscape
  • Interactive map tap on any street, POI or photo to choose action
  • Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning is also available
  • Visual notification of upcoming speed limit
  • Spoken street names
  • Dynamic Lane Guidance and Signposts
  • You can even Build and save advanced routes with multiple waypoints
  • You can Edit routes or avoid parts of the route
  • Much More

New in Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 (v12.1.2) Apk

  • Turn after next turn indicator
  • POIs on route
  • Current street is back
  • Optimized map view
  • Manage free space on your device in menu My Sygic. Download or remove maps and spoken street names (TTS) voices at any time
  • Much more
Requirement: Android v2.0.1 or above is required for Sygic GPS Navigation 12.1.2 to work properly.



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