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недела, 08 јули 2012

Lucky Patcher v2.0.4 by ChelpuS - Remove License Verification

Lucky Patcher v2.0.4 by ChelpuS - Remove License Verification
Requirements: Android 1.6, Rooted device
Overview: You can use this patcher to break some apps' Android Market License Verification.

Thanks to ChelpuS
Recent changes :
Version 2.0.2
~ Polish translation updated;
~ Custom patch detector bug is fixed;
Version 2.0.1
~ Patch process move to background;
~ Help supplemented;
~ Add create apk for "Auto mode!" and "Extreme Auto mode!";
~ Minor bugs fixed.
Version 2.0.0
~ Old style patch (Dalvik Cache patcher) - Removed. Now only ODEX;
~ Add Help (in development);
~ To manual mode for "Remove Licanse verification" button "Fix Changes" added;
~ Context Menu Reworked;
~ Dexopt-wrapper come back ;
~ Help in Tab Style;
~ Minor bugs fixed.
Version 1.9.8
~ Dexopt-Wrapper removed;
~ New metod generate ODEX;
~ Icon of Settings for small screen fixed;
~ Selected Patterns reworked (used Auto True!(Remove License Verification)).
Version 1.9.7
~ Custom patch upgraded (Other files patcher added);
~ TSF Shell 1.5.03 custom patch added;
~ Translates updated;
~ Fixed bugs
Version 1.9.5
~ Translates updated;
~ Create apk with removed Google Ads fixed;
~ Filter added;
~ Rewrite custom patch by start Lucky Patcher added;
Version 1.8.3
~ Updated translations;
~ Fix for Language switcher;
~ Create Apk bug fixed;
~ Redid Setup menu;
~ Added dialog to remove applications;
~ Applications are reloaded without progress dialogue now, just as the scan are added to the list;
~ Slightly remade building APK package based on patches;
~ Redid menus "problem solving".
Version 1.8.1
~ Alternative Pattern ?? for ** added;
~ Custom Patch for ROM toolbox Pro 5.0.5 added;
~ Polish translation added.
Version 1.8.0
- Pattern for remove Ads added
- Custom patch for Mx VideoPlayer Pro added
- Chinese translation updated


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