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недела, 27 мај 2012

ACLS Advisor 2012 (iOS)

ACLS Advisor 2012

ACLS Advisor Includes the New AHA ACLS Guidelines. ACLS Advisor helps you learn basic life support and ACLS. The cardiology decision engine advises the exact action that should be performed. Defibrillator energy dosages and resuscitation drug dosages are given.

Physicians, nurses, medical students, paramedics, and EMTs, can use this application to effectively administer ACLS and basic life support.

Categories: Basic life support, ACLS, pulseless arrest, acute coronary syndromes, bradycardia, tachycardia, pulseless electrical activity, asystole, stroke, anaphylaxis, electrolyte abnormalities, asthma, toxicology, medications, pediatric basic life support.

Learn to treat the underlying cause of arrhythmias. Failure to treat the underlying cause may be negligence.

Key Features:
• Drug dosages and indications
• Evidence-based guidelines
• Biphasic defibrillation
• Acute coronary syndromes
• Evidence-based guidelines
• ACLS algorithm flow charts
• Sample ECGs for easy reference
• Includes the new, updated 2010 ACLS changes
• Powered by the ACCI Cardiology Decision Engine

WARNING: Incorrect ACLS can be hazardous to your patient's health.

Send your feedback to info@ccspublishing.com

Powered by the ACCI Cardiology Decision Engine
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

Review from imedicalapps.com:

“a well organized and easy to use application that walks you though the ACLS algorithms.” “this app hits a home run.”

“ well polished.” “a plethora of information, such as asthma, toxicology, stroke and pediatrics.”

“Physicians, residents, medical students, NPs, PAs, RNs, ANAs would benefit."“a great study aid if you’re about to take an ACLS course.”

Scrubs Magazine: "Top 10 iPhone Apps""A Must-have App

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