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петок, 06 април 2012

Uball v1.2 (Apk)

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: this game depend on the movement of your phone (Rotation) and it has many risks. 
the game is about collecting keys using a ball to open the portal and then move to the next level.
the much you were faster , the much you'll gain scores.

the game consists of 10 Stage and each stage consist of 10 levels that's mean you have 100 levels.
when you finished all the levels or some of them you may submit your score,if you feel that you have total score that you can compete with.
it was tested on Galaxy s,Galaxy s2 and Galaxy tab and it has very good performance.
you will enjoy it.
There are 4 modes chosen the better for your phone.

Download:Uball v1.2 apk

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